Cuba Webinar-“From Che to Fidel: Building Bridges with 21st Century Cuba”

Click here to download a recording of Daisy Rojas presentation: cuba webinar recording.mp3

Click HERE to view Daisy’s powerpoint 

Witness for Peace Northwest and Southwest Region were thrilled to host this webinar with Daisy Rojas, a Cuban social justice activist and organizer who is a founding member of the Martin Luther King Jr Center in Havana.

Daisy  traveled throughout Washington and Oregon in October speaking about what daily life is like as a Cuban citizen under the U.S. economic embargo and travel ban. Daisy spoke about what steps we can take in the U.S. to act in solidarity with Cuba.  Her work with the MLK Center includes popular education in the Freire model, organizing with communities of faith, and solidarity work with international delegations. Continue reading