Check out our TEN New Year’s resolutions and help us keep them!

Witness for Peace Southwest 2013 New Years Resolutions and Top Five Highlights of 2012.

2013 New Years Resolutions for Witness for Peace Southwest

1. Honduras: End US aided Human Rights Abuses and support the Honduran Resistance Movement.

2. Colombia: send human rights observers to peace communities in Uraba.

3. Migrants Rights: Send human rights workers to the California/Mexico/Border region and advocate for more humane immigration policies.

4. Cuba: Get Cuba off the list of Terrorist Nations, continue to work to end the travel ban and embargo and advocate for the Freedom of the Cuban Five.

5. Congress: Pressure members of the foreign operations sub-committees in Senate and House to stop funding failed drug wars in Latin America and funding foreign militaries that commit human rights abuses.

6. Youth organizing: Award scholarships to students who want to join our alternative spring break delegation to Colombia, offer youth internships and volunteer opportunities, take a delegation of youth to do humanitarian work on the border.

7. Bring a speaker from Cuba and Honduras to the U.S for events in your area.

8. Organize Webinars on Colombia and Immigration.

9. Organize a weekend retreat conference for our members with special speakers, trainings and workshops.

10. Organize regular chapter meetings in your area.

TOP FIVE Highlights from 2012

1. This year we’ve been actively working with the Honduras Solidarity Network, we helped get over 100 congresspersons and 7 Senators to speak out against human rights violations in Honduras.

2. Our pressure as part of a grassroots nationwide movement has resulted in over one million dollars of military aid cut to the Honduran military and police.

3. On May 1st we celebrated International Workers Day with our migrant brothers and sisters.

4. In October we hosted our Cuban partner Daisy Rojas on a live webinar“Building Bridges with 21st Century Cuba while she was on tour in the U.S.

5. This Fall we witnessed Honduran LBGQT activist Erick Vidal Martinezreceive an international Gay rights award and share his stories of the Honduran resistance with hundreds of Californian university students.

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