Peace in Colombia – 62 reps sign dear colleague letter on the Colombian Peace Process


McGovern-Schakowsky Dear Colleague Letter on Peace, Human Rights and Development in Colombia 

Dear Secretary Kerry:

             We write to express our support for peace, development and human rights in Colombia, and to encourage you to implement a U.S. policy that emphasizes these priorities. With fifty years of conflict, over 5 million internally displaced persons, hundreds of thousands of victims of unspeakable violence, and generations knowing only war, Colombians deserve a chance for peace.We recognize that the road to peace is never direct or easy. We appreciate the statements made by the State Department in support of the Colombian peace process and ask in the months ahead that you encourage the Colombian government and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) negotiating teams to stay the course.  As the conflict continues affecting the civilian population, especially vulnerable rural, indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities, we ask you to call for a commitment from both sides to respect international humanitarian law.  It would be positive if peace talks were opened, on an appropriate timeline, with Colombia’s remaining guerrilla group, the National Liberation Army (ELN), in order to bring all armed conflict to a definitive end.


Members of the new Harbor Chapter of Witness for Peace Southwest, defending the sovereignty of Venezuela in front of the Pacific Heights Air Force Base in San Pedro. The group calls for an end to US intervention in Latin America, and for a foreign policy based on cooperation and respect, not on aggression and militarism.