Become A Monthly Sustainer


Sustain strong and organized communities.

Sign up as a Witness for Peace Southwest sustainer and give a monthly donation that builds relationships of mutual support and solidarity between U.S. and Latin American communities in the struggle for social justice. Becoming a sustainer with Witness for Peace Southwest is entirely secure and your automatic payments can be cancelled at any time. Please email or call 805-946-0678

Becoming a Sustainer: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so beneficial to become a sustainer?

Becoming a sustainer makes giving easier for both you and Witness for Peace Southwest. It lowers Witness for Peace Southwest administration costs by receiving donations automatically, and provides a reliable stream of contributions throughout the year.

How Does the Sustainer Program Work?

The sustainer program is a system where your monthly donation to Witness for Peace Southwest is automatically debited from your checking, savings or credit account.

Is it secure to become a sustainer?

The sustainer program is a very secure way to make donations, and is less risky than sending a check in the mail. As with any contribution, your information is kept completely private.

Can I withdraw from the sustainer program if I decide I do not like it?

Yes, you can cancel your contribution at any time simply by calling us or sending us written notice via email or regular mail.

Does becoming a sustainer require any cost in addition to my contribution?

Becoming a sustainer is free. It does not cost you anything to sign up.

How large or small of a contribution can I make?

You can start with just $5 up to any amount you would like ($25, $50, $100, etc). Your contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my monthly donations for tax purposes?

Yes, every January, we send sustainers a tax receipt for their total monthly donations from the previous year.