Travel on a Delegation!

Part of our work as Witness For Peace Southwest is organizing travel delegations linked by the themes of educating participants on the US policies in the Americas that foster militarization and building relationships and networks that will strengthen the internationalist struggle for demilitarization.  Below you can find relevant info if you are consider joining us on one of our travel delegations:

FAQs about Travel to the Mexico/US border.

FAQs about travel to Cuba.

FAQs about travel to Hawaii. (coming soon)

FAQs about travel to Puerto Rico.

For information on our upcoming travel delegations with Altruvistas see here.

Become a Delegation Coordinator and travel for free! Delegation coordinators are charged with helping to recruit and prepare delegates before their trip, assisting the trip leaders during the delegation and following up with delegates once they have returned home. Complete on the ground costs are covered (including some airfare). Delegation coordinators should be knowledgable about the country and its politics, have international travel experience, ability to recruit from various networks and preferably be bi-lingual.