Support the WFP Urgent Accompaniment Response Fund


Witness for Peace emergency solidarity response and accompaniment delegation to Colombia with the Black Lives Matter Global Network after the 2017 Civic Strike last June. 

When repression and human rights abuses occur, we need the resources to respond effectively. Your support through this page will go directly to our Urgent Response Fund, which provides our on-the-ground staff, and broader network of WFP members and partners, the vital resources necessary to address violence and repression in Colombia and Honduras.

-a donation of $35 pays for a day of human rights accompaniment

-a donation of $95 pays for our International Team cell phone and office internet for a month, ensuring they’re accessible to our partners at all times

-a donation of $400-600 covers an international flight for strategic accompaniment in moments of crisis

-a donation of $1100 supports our international teams presence for a full month

To make a donation, please click here.