Witness for Peace Southwest Board Member Openings

Witness for Peace Southwest is one of Seven Regions of Witness for Peace (WFP). WFP is a non-profit, politically independent, grassroots organization that has been working since 1983 to support peace and justice throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The Southwest Region is a distinct 501c3 that works in collaboration with other Witness for Peace Regions, Witness for Peace National, our partners in Latin America and in coalition with solidarity groups in the U.S. Specifically. Our work focuses on ending military and economic violence in the Americas, focusing our work at this time on the countries of Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Cuba, and Honduras. In the U.S we also try to link our programs to and address the issues of immigration policy/migrant rights and domestic drug war issues.

WFPSW focuses on building its base in the following states: California, Arizona and New Mexico. We organize delegations to Latin America and the Caribbean focusing on particular themes and also we coordinate speaking tours of residents of our program-area countries to speak in our region. We also coordinate our regional membership to participate in WFP campaigns, building a strong grassroots network of local activists working to educate people about the effects of U.S. policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean and to advocate for changes in those unjust policies. We participate and mobilize political advocacy with elected officials when there is pressing legislation to the extent allowed by our 501c3 status.

The Board of WFPSW is composed of volunteers who share their time, energy, and commitment to Latin America and to peace and social and economic justice. The Board sets policy and makes decisions about staff and programming at regular meetings, which usually occur on a bi-monthly basis. Board members help organize WFPSW events, including delegations, speaker tours, and other activities in our region. The Board operates using a consensus-based model of decision making whenever possible, and is committed to operating from a position of respect, non-violence, and mutual cooperation. Board members may be elected to hold offices (e.g. Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) and are responsible for the financial sustainability of the organization. Board members are asked to commit to serve between 1-4 years on the board of directors. Board members meeting monthly to bi-monthly by conference call and quarterly in person.

Advisory Board- If you feel that you cannot make a commitment to serve on the core regional board, perhaps you will consider serving as an Advisory board member. Advisory board members only meet twice per year, once in person and once via phone conference. Advisory board members receive monthly updates from the regional organizer and are invited to participate on any Witness for Peace committees, campaigns or delegations.

Thank you for your interest in serving on the WFPSW Board of Directors. Please contact us for an application form.


 WFPSW Responsibilities to Board Members:

  1. WfPSW will provide a full orientation including background information on work accomplished to date.
  2. Timely and complete financial statements distributed at least quarterly, one week in advance of revelant board meetings. Training can be provided to read and interpret financial statements.
  3. board meetings will be well run and productive, with a focus on decision making rather than just reporting. agendas will be distributed at least one week in advance.
  4. Board members will receive monthly reports from the executive director and program updates.
  5. WFPSW will provide any revelant or necessary training.
  6. board members can receive priority as delegation coordinators and hosts for international speakers.



Individual Board Member responsibilities:

Meetings and Program Work

  • Prepare for and participate in board and committee meetings in addition to an annual planning meeting and annual celebration dinner.
  • Actively engage in committee and individual work on behalf of WFP-SW
  • Expected to know the mission, history, policies and the majority of the programs of WfPSW.

Relationship with Staff

  • Counsel the staff as appropriate to offer support in his or her relationships with groups or individuals.

Avoiding Conflicts and Decision Making

  • All decision making of the Board of Directors will be collaborative. An Executive Director employed by the organization is an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors.
  • We commit to an open door policy, to facilitate transparency, accessibility, and honesty.
  • We commit to going directly to the source with problems and/or to clarify information
  • We commit to assume good intentions, including with critical feedback

Financial Responsibilities

  • Read and understand the WFP financial statements thus helping the board fulfill its budgetary responsibilities.

Fund Raising and Public Relations

  • Give an annual gift according to personal means.
  • Assist the Board and staff by implementing fund-raising strategies through personal influence and activities with others.
  • Help represent and promote the work of WFP-SW in the greater community.

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