Witness for Peace is a national grassroots human rights organization that works in solidarity with peoples of Latin America to build a more just and humane US foreign policy towards the Americas. Witness for Peace maintains international teams and offices in Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Cuba. WfP was founded in 1983 in Nicaragua and currently has over 25,000 members in the U.S nationwide. There are 6 regions of Witness for Peace throughout the United States. The Southwest region covers California, Arizona and New Mexico.

What we stand for:

  • End US funding of military and police violence in Latin America.
  • End the failed drug wars
  • End Economic Violence of free trade agreements and neo-liberal economic policies
  • Stand for Sovereignty and the right of nations to chose their own destiny. No more US interventions.

How we do this:

Delegations- we take groups for short term 10 day study tours of the countries we are based so see first hand the impacts of US policies.

Speakers- we bring international speakers to tour the U.S to speak about their communities and countries,

Urgent Response Network- when human rights violations occur we mobilize our urgent response network to call and write letters to key government officials in human rights cases and emergencies.

Move Congress- we track US military funding and legislation that impacts Latin America and mobilize our members to lobby congress for better policies.

Organize and mobilize. We take actions from congressional lobbying to protests and rallies.

Please contact us to sign up for our email list of local meetings, events and actions in your area, or use this form: 


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