Get Involved!

Many wonderful organizations are helping migrants, helping children and families at the border.  Witness for Peace Southwest is making the vital political connections for Americans that we must change U.S. foreign policy in the region.

Some of our current work includes:

1) Helping to expose U.S. complicity in the crisis in Honduras (Congressional lobbying; local, regional and national speaking engagements; engagement w/ the U.S. Honduran community) including an understanding that the U.S. Taxpayer are funding the Honduran police and military!

Success! We got our local Congress member to sign on to:

The Berta Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act (HR 5474)

to end military aid to Honduras.

Call your Congressperson and join this important campaign!

2) Directly helping Honduran political asylum seekers. Currently, one of our board members is hosting in her home a wonderful 23-year old student and organizer, Miguel Angel, who was forced to flee his beloved country because of imminent death threats from the Honduran police/military (again, U.S.-funded and trained).

3) Making the political connections between U.S. foreign policy and U.S. immigration and border travesty. We feel the American people are finally ripe to understand the connection between our domestic, personal economic difficulties and the squandering of U.S. Taxpayer money on our problem-causing foreign policy.

PLEASE, We cannot do this work alone!

Knowing we have little control over the spending of our tax dollars, and often the time we spend all day, is frustrating!

But we DO have some control!

Some things you can do right now: 

1) DONATE, either one time, or a small automatic monthly donation, via our Paypal account here!

2) ARRANGE a Skype-in talk by Miguel Angel to your local group(s). He has a power point presentation and can speak on his story-from his student organizing, to protests of the 2017 stolen election, to the murders of his fellow student organizers, to the Central American caravan he came here on, to his 8 month detention in U.S. private prisons.  To arrange a speaking engagement, please contact:  

3) If you are LOCAL in the LA area arrange a talk and / or media outreach or come take Miguel Angel around! Help us get him connected in L.A. You can also help him learn English!