Board Member Openings

The Board of WFPSW is composed of volunteers who share their time, energy, and commitment to Latin American solidarity and to peace and social and economic justice. The Board sets policy and makes decisions about staff and programming at regular meetings, which usually occur on a bi-monthly basis. Board members help organize WFPSW events, including delegations, speaker tours, and other activities in our region. The Board operates using a consensus-based model of decision making whenever possible, and is committed to operating from a position of respect, non-violence, and mutual cooperation. Board members may be elected to hold offices (e.g. Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) and are responsible for the financial sustainability of the organization. Board members are asked to commit to serve between 1-4 years on the board of directors. Board members meeting monthly to bi-monthly by conference call and quarterly in person.

Advisory Board- If you cannot make a commitment to serve on the core regional board but would still like to support, we encourage you to consider serving as an Advisory board member. Advisory board members only meet twice per year, once in person and once via phone conference. Advisory board members receive monthly updates from the regional organizer and are invited to participate on any Witness for Peace committees, campaigns or delegations.

If you are interested in serving on the WFPSW Board of Directors. Please contact us for more information about the roles and reciprocal responsibilities of the position and for an application form.

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