Celebrate May Day in Cuba!


w/ Witness for Peace Southwest

Celebrate May Day in Cuba: Labor and Community Organizing from the Ground Up!

APRIL 24-MAY 4, 2016

This delegation will engage participants in the history of Cuba’s progressive politics favoring the poor. Since the historic concurrent announcements by Presidents Obama and Castro on December 17, 2014 that both countries would undertake a new course on the path towards normalized relations in no other time has there been more interest in Cuba, its history, cultural and political landscape. With Witness for Peace Southwest celebrate alongside the Cuban people on International Worker’s Day in Havana. The Cuban people are at the forefront of people’s movements in the Americas and we invite you to come to Cuba and see this reality first-hand.

While on delegation, you will meet with a variety of organizations that have worked over the last several decades to build a new society which favors the poor, encourages participation and offers opportunities for all Cuban citizens. Learn more about Cuba’s commitment to education, healthcare and social justice. This is a historic time to bear witness to the dramatic changes taking place in our hemisphere. Please join Witness for Peace Southwest for what promises to be a remarkable time to celebrate Cuba’s revolutionary spirit, past and present!

This delegation is sponsored by the human rights organization Witness for Peace Southwest and Altruvistas, a socially responsible and philanthropic travel company.  

Contact:  For more information and applications contact: Witness for Peace Southwest Regional Organizer Jeanette Charles at 805-669-VIVA or jcharles.wfpsw@gmail.com and/or Malia Everette at 415-735-5407 or malia@altruvistas.com. For additional information about scholarship opportunities, sliding scale costs based on income and fundraising assistance contact Jeanette and/or Tanya Hartley at southwestwfp@gmail.com.  

Cost: The price of this delegation is $2350 without international airfare and $2950 with airfare included from Miami. The deadline to apply with a non-refundable deposit of $200 has been extended to March 14, 2016. Limited space available—please apply early! The fee covers all set-up preparation, 2 meals per day, 3 star housing accommodations in double rooms, interpreters, transportation within country, a trained delegation coordinator, and honoraria for our speakers.  


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